Endian 4i Case Study - Werfen

Endian 4i and Switchboard for Instrumentation Laboratory

Real-time monitoring of devices located in the users facilities, secure remote support and care: Endian’s added value for Instrumentation Laboratory.

Millions of Euros spent for technical staff on field intervention and the difficulty of remotely accessing important machinery located in healthcare facilities all over the world. This is the picture that Instrumentation Laboratory (IL), world leader in production and distribution of clinical analysis systems showed Endian, leading IT security vendor.

Beyond supplying instrumentation, IL takes care of its monitoring and care as well. “To match up with IL needs, we undertook an impressive M2M communication project. Basically, it deals with allowing machine - to - machine communication (even between different locations), weather industrial appliances, gateways or electronic devices. Endian Switchboard, our control panel, coordinates the action.” states Diego Gagliardo, Endian COO. He also adds: “Before implementing our technology, even daily and simple procedures - such as collecting logs for risk evaluation, – were a manual process.”

Before Endian intervention, IL had two alternatives to reach their machinery: remotely operate on the appliances by using unproven tools (with no guarantees in terms of performance and proper data encryption) or investing huge resources in sending technical personnel to the customers sites to push through any kind of procedures, including log collection, machines monitoring and care. The Endian team worked on different aspects. Endian Switchboard is first of all a Virtual Private Network (VPN) concentrator. When needed, it creates a protected tunnel to secure branch to branch connection and remote work on the machines. The established connection is simple, stable and bidirectional, as to allow central management access for daily logs exchange. Through the Switchboard web interface, IL is able to manage technicians, partners‘ and end users‘ remote access to machinery, providing them with different and very granular permissions. Single users and groups can have different levels of authorization, – both in terms of which appliances can be accessed and what actions are allowed on the appliances themselves. Furthermore the Switchboard also integrates with IL‘s customer support portal, a central management system connected via API, allowing direct access and intervention to engineers and technicians. This helps a lot the staff that works on an already known tool. Alternatively, the link could have been made through Connect App, the Switchboard client.

   Endian’s scalable and reliable technology provides excellent support to our communication system: it seamlessly integrates into our network and effectively manages satellite connectivity. As a result it enables prompt and secure remote intervention, even under critical conditions.

Michel Verbist

Head of Business Development Satellite Services at Orange Business Services

  Thanks to Endian we reached two important goals: we maximized our staff working activities while reducing our organization response – time, always keeping the same high quality level support for our customers.

Stated Elena Lattuada

IL Customer Service Director

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