Endian Case Study - Orange Business Services

Endian and Orange Business Services to support digital transformation in the shipping industry

The relationship between Endian and Orange Business Services dates back to 2014, when Orange contacted Endian for the first time, after having seen its Hotspot solution in action.

At the time the company was already projecting an integrated solution to offer services to the shipping industry that would significantly enhance their crew welfare services. To achieve this, Orange was looking for a product that was able to manage connectivity in blue water.

To support digital transformation in the shipping industry, Orange Business Services has then developed Maritime Connect. The fully-industrialized product delivers the key communications functionality and connectivity required at sea. It allows shipping companies to seamlessly integrate their fleet into the corporate network and provide Internet access for crew and applications.

Maritime Connect is a single, integrated solutions platform, which provides the maritime industry with reliable connectivity over diverse communication interfaces and cuts costs at the same time. It delivers voice, VoIP, data and Internet access in one solution, independent of the communication technology used. Shipping companies, IT managers, captains and the crew can control access to data and voice services on board vessels or remotely from shore.

   Endian’s scalable and reliable technology provides excellent support to our communication system: it seamlessly integrates into our network and effectively manages satellite connectivity. As a result it enables prompt and secure remote intervention, even under critical conditions.

Michel Verbist

Head of Business Development Satellite Services at Orange Business Services

  Thanks to Endian we reached two important goals: we maximized our staff working activities while reducing our organization response – time, always keeping the same high quality level support for our customers.

Stated Elena Lattuada

IL Customer Service Director

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